Yamata so Fat!

Hi All! This is Jason Sim from Malaysia coming in with an old deck tech with a turbo engine using (insert grumblings and moans here) Reflect/Refrain! I had meant to play with this deck last weekend at my Asia Pacific Open Qualifiers, but I dumped it halfway through for a more consistent Valentina deck that was brewed together with the other FOW US admins. With the R/R nerf coming in on Feb 1st, I figured I would share this with you guys before this deck is slowed down tremendously.

As we all know, R/R enables you to triple-rest an Elvish Priest to pump out a Fiethsing before your second turn. But why stop there? Why not draw and discard 3 cards so you can get your Yamata online and lethal on turn 2? With this concept in mind, here’s a Yamata deck that enables you to kill on Turn 2 even with a blocker on the field, and (very consistently) be able to kill on Turn 3 most of the time.


Reflect / Refrain


4 x Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant
3 x Forty Thieves
4 x Guinevere, the Jealous Queen
4 x Knight of the New Moon
1 x Nyarlathothep, the Usurper
4 x Yamata-no-Orochi, the Eight Disasters

4 x Book of Eibon
4 x Change the World, Orb of Illusion
4 x Laevateinn, the Demon Sword
4 x Necromancy of the Undead Lord
4 x Soulhunt
1 x Spiral of Despair

Magic Stones:

1 x Magic Stone of Dark Depths
4 x Magic Stone of Moon Shade
1 x Magic Stone of Scorched Bales
4 x Ruler’s Memoria

“How does this deck kill on Turn 2?”

“How does this deck kill on Turn 2?” You might ask. With a hand of:-

1 Knight of the New Moon, 2 Laevateinn, 1 Yamata, 1 Necromancy, 1 Book of Eibon

Turn 1: Put down a Laevateinn, Call a Stone, Play Knight of the New Moon. At the last priority sequence at the end of your turn, use R/R to recover the Bunny at the end of your opponent’s turn.

Opponent’s Turn: use R/R’s ability again to recover the Bunny. By this time, you’ll get to rest the Bunny twice for her ability and still have her recovered. Draw a card and discard Yamata, draw a card and discard Necromancy.

Turn 2: Draw a card, and use the Knight’s ability one last time to look for whatever missing cards you need. Recover everything, call a stone, discard the extra Laevateinn to produce a fire will, and rest both your stones for the Book to get your Yamata back together with a Necromancy attached. Use R/R’s ability to give Yamata another +200/+200 boost to make it a 600/2600 (600 x 8 = 4800). Even with a blocker on the field you’d still be able to deal a lethal 4200 damage to your helpless opponent.

Although it needs a 6-card setup for this to go off, you could have potentially drawn up to 14 cards ( mulligan 5 cards + draw another 5 new cards + 3 draws from Bunny Knight +  2nd turn draw) to find your combo pieces, which isn’t really that impossible to pull off.

If you factor in another turn, then you could more than always be able to get Yamata online even without the Laevateinn, or you could still pitch the extra Laevateinn for a fire will and flip Reflect into Refrain to immediately search for your last combo piece (thanks again to the Laevateinn).

“But this deck will lose to Dark Alice”

That’s what you want them to think. This is where the Nyarla and Spiral comes into play. Most Dark Alice decks do not have the sufficient draw power, and we’ll bank on this point to clear them off of their hand before we go for the kill with their own resonators.

Recycle the Knights back into the bottom of your main deck (you would want to keep your graveyard as small as possible) and bait them with your other resonators (Cheshire Cats, Guineveres, Forty Thieves). The DA players would not let themselves tapped out lest you explode on them in one turn, so this would be a fairly slow game. Let them Scorn and Spiral you, keep the Soulhunts and Books until you reach 4 stones. At this point you’re ready to flip and look for the Spiral / Nyarla and start going for their hand. Use Soulhunts to deal with their resonators, and use your Books to resurrect their resonators (a dead Arthur without 3 resonators in their graveyard is great, a Mephistopheles in their graveyard would be perfect!).

In the off chance that your opponent flips her Dark Alice, then you’d have one or 2 turns to go off with your original plan. Burn off all the counters to look for your combo pieces, and go for the OTK!

Possible Sideboard Plans

Because everyone has a different meta of their own, I’ll leave it to your own devices to sideboard accordingly. The ones I’ve found interesting (and useful) are:

Barrier of Shadows: works great against Val 2.0 decks, slows down RR decks

Realm of Pure Spirits: Protects your Yamata against Refrain’s bounce / removals

Shadow Doppelganger: to be played together with Realm; uncancellable when playing against RR decks in the mid-late game (unless if they’re playing Xeex)

Spiral of Despair: extra discard power against Dark Alice decks

That’s all for now, feel free to give your input and good luck for your upcoming AGP’s!


*Jason Sim is a Malaysian Level 1 Judge though usually #noonebelievesjason whenever he gives a ruling in the Group.

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