Sylvia Gill Palarilias Deck Primer

I’m not one for lengthy introductions, so let’s get right down to business. This article is all about our upcoming dragon overlord and some discussion on interesting card selections. The earliest version of this deck can be credited back to an Italy based event at the start of October. We played the original deck on Force of Community and was something we kept in the back of our mind since then. This list is basically the rapid growth deck + the normal resonator package of current red decks.

Sylvia Gill Palarilias/ Sylvia Gill Palarilias-J

Main Deck:
4x Rukh Egg
4x Flame Sprite
4x Cthugha, the Living Flame
4x Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon
4x Snow White, the Valkyrie of Passion
4x Thunder
4x Rapid Growth
3x Excalibur, the God’s Sword
3x Flame Kings Shout
2x Duel of truth
2x Beastly Attack
1x Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword
1x Gilles de Rais, the Golden Dragon

Magic Stone Deck:
1x Little Red, the Pure Stone
3x Blasting Waves
6x Fire Magic Stone

Common Questions

Where is Guinevere, the Jealous Queen? I know it might seem crazy that it’s missing from a red deck. Yes, she is a very good card, but not something this deck wants. We’re focused on an “all aggro all the time” deck and she doesn’t do anything for us in that game plan. If you were looking to build midrange focused deck, I would look to include her. Guinevere is too slow for this deck and generally unplayable now.

Why Flame Sprite? I could probably write a page on this card alone. Flying in this game is a very strong ability to have on a resonator. In some games, we will be attacking with a T2 flames sprite for 1000 damage thanks to double rapid growth. Flame Sprite also offers insane board control when combined with two of them, allowing for up to 800 damage to a single resonator on your turn. It also combos with our T3 play of Snow White into Flame Kings Shout to deal the final 100 damage to a 500 toughness resonator or 800 total when combined with Snow White’s ability. This card shines in any fairy dedicated list, but should not be overlooked in other decks as well.

Zero copies of Artemis, the God’s Bow? If you’re not playing Arla, this card immediately loses a good chunk of its value. Two counters on it allows us to destroy an [Addition: Resonator], but takes up otherwise valuable deck space when we’re already so focused on proactive spells. I also feel that “regalia hate” is going to be very popular once TTW drops, so for the first couple weeks we want to avoid hate cards where we can.


Deck Discussion

Sylvia Grill Palarilias: This is a very interesting J/Ruler. The will fixing allows us to run the normal aggressive red strategy while running combat tricks galore. One of the best parts about this specific J/Ruler is that she is always sitting on the table lurking. While some may take this to be a disadvantage, it makes your opponent play a completely different game by always having to deal with the threat of 1000+ damage flying coming at any second. While her enter effects are pretty easy to play around, resolving them will create a huge swing in your favor. In this deck this card is designed to be the final KO and not to be flipped before (unless value plays present themselves).

Rukh Egg/ Cthugha, the Living Flame: A red deck staple. This should read “Attack for 500 damage, tutor up Lancelot”. Rukh egg in general helps us thin the deck and play our resonators on curve that we want to. If you’re missing the Snow White for the Flame King Shout play, or want to tutor up another Flame Sprite to combo one already in field, this card does it all for you. We’re running fewer resonators/cards that allow us to banish the Rukh Egg than traditional red decks, but we can also make a defensive play with Rukh Egg + Rapid Growth if needed. In a pinch we can even use Flame Sprite to kill our own Rukh Egg, but that often won’t be the ideal play to make.

Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon/ Rapid Growth: The bread and butter to the deck. A cheap and reliable way to pump Lancelot to trigger his deal 700 damage ability and can be reused from the graveyard thanks to [Remnant]. I know I’m probably beating a dead horse here, but combo that with Flame Sprite and you’re hitting 800 damage to something like, for example, killing a Little Dread. Tons of value to be used here in terms of pumps and removal for the low low cost of W.

Snow White, the Valkyrie of Passion/Flame Kings Shout: I think this one can speak for itself – 400 damage to everything and another 300 off Snow White’s effect. Combo is very strong against all the Alice’s World decks that have been floating around on Lackey or on the Facebook group.

Beastly Attack / Duel of Truth: Finally, something new! Outside of Rapid Growth, these are the combat tricks of the deck. Duel of Truth is great when used with Sylvia as a way to “ramp” into Gilles de Rais, the Golden Dragon or used to play some other combination of cards from your hand. Beastly Attack is a great way to attack into your opponent’s resonator to get it off the board while still pressuring your opponent’s life total. This card is will intensive at 3, but can generate some serious value when it works.  For us it came down to Beastly Attack vs Ame-no-Habakiri, so this one might be personal preference.

Excalibur, the God’s Sword: Do NOT forget this card if you’re making a list. Not only does it give us the Target Attack we want for Sylvia, it can grant her imperishable AND be used to help her survive her own Enter ability if she’s the only legal target on the battlefield. Card is very, very good and helping us deal the final blow.

Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword/ Gilles de Rais, the Golden Dragon: The fun-ofs! Susanowo is an auto include we are all aware of since it can be tutored off Rukh Egg. Gilles is a personal preference of mine as it is a very real hasty threat that can be played on Turn 5 if you combo off the right way with Sylvia. On top of that we can do battle tricks with Giles that we can get two attacks in one turn if we play Giles then Judgement and use a thunder or Flame Sprite to finish off the rest of the defense. This is a very narrow play to make, but don’t forget that it CAN be used if necessary and you like to live the dream as they say.

That’s all for this article! I hope you will give it a try and more importantly inspires some brewing within the community. I’m sure I’ve missed some interactions as well, as I am not the resident red mage at my LGS, but I think I covered a good amount of them! We will have a video up on our YouTube Channel (Force of Will US) showing this deck in action, so make sure to stop by and give it a watch! 

Force of Will US YouTube Channel

Till next time.

Matt Kozmor

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