Gencon Exclusive – Alex Blandin

By: Chris (Chibi) Michaelis

Please introduce yourself and your history with trading card games.

Hello friends I’m Alex Blandin and I’ve been playing CCGs competitively for about 8 years now. My first card game was yugioh when I was about 7 but I didn’t start playing CCGs competitively till about 15-16. At the time I was playing the Naruto CCG. I Have 3 SJC tops and one nationals top in the Naruto CCG as well as a top 8 in FOW at ARG Syracuse and the La regional.

How long have you been playing FOW?

What attracted to you to continue playing the game? I have been playing force of will for about three months on a competitive level. What particularly interests me about force of will is that it is a newer game and newer games tend to have smaller player bases which I prefer as well as the game being incredibly cheap to play. The player base is also incredibly friendly which is another reason I have stayed with this game for so long.

What is your local community like?

My local community is incredibly friendly and helpful when playing together. Most of us test for major events together whether it be at locals or outside of locals. They have helped me get very far with constructive criticism as well as extensive testing.

What were your expectations going into the event with the release of Millennia?

Given that the Alice cluster starter decks and vingolf had been released the day prior I had assumed that red rush would be the best deck. I had also expected to see some vlad but for the most part I was preparing for a rather fast paced meta. What did you decide to enter with and why? There had been a side event with 16 people the first day of Gencon and the top 8 cut was 8 different bahamut decks. From there I decided that it would probably be best to just play bahamut. It seemed like the fastest and most powerful deck and I had yet to see anything (except maybe faria) be able to contest it.

Could you explain the reasons why you chose the new cards from Millennia and how they fit with your deck?)

The main new cards that I put in my deck were from the melgis starter deck, which included Lancelot, Rukh egg, the red regalia, and hector. All of these cards proved to be incredibly powerful especially the regalia and lancelot. The ruhk egg was a powerful tutor for cards like cthugha and lancelot. The regalia was the most essential card in the deck as it gave my ruler haste and allowed me to hit for 1200 life as early as the first turn. What is considered your optimal hand post mulligan? Ruhk egg, cthugha, red regalia x 2, and any 5th card (doesn’t matter)

What would be considered your MVP card for the event? And what card performed subpar?

Main Deck:
4x Cthuga
4x Hunter
4x Ruhk Egg
4x Apostle of Cain
4x Lancelot
3x Millest, the Ghostly Flame
1x Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword
1x Hector de Maris
2x Split and Earth
4x Laevateinn, the Demon Sword
4x Rapid decay
4x Thunder
1x Crime and Punishment

Magic Stone Deck:
9x Magic Stone of Fire
1x Little Red, the Pure Stone

The red regalia were easily the strongest card in the deck. It enabled me to give my ruler haste and swing for 1200 life immediately and if I opened two I could play my ruler on the first turn which is a huge advantage in this deck.

Any tips for other players on how to play the deck?

Flip bahamut as fast as possible. Mull for 1 drops, regalia, and cthugha.

What were your matches throughout the event?

I played a couple different decks including vlad aggro, faria, bahamut, oddgro, and salt.dek but the only decks that really stood out to me were the faria ones, specifically Norvic’s. The one match that stood out for me was this guy I played in swiss (and top) that was playing oddgro. The reason these matches stood out for me is because he was the only opponent where I had 2 of my three games last past turn 4. His deck was really solid and he played some interesting cards as far as oddgro deck goes.

Reflecting back on the event – was their any choices that you thought you should’ve made but didn’t?

I wish I had actually made a real sideboard. I threw the deck together 2 hours before the event and didn’t really get a chance to test a sideboard. Instead I just threw 15 red cards that I thought were good together and called it a sideboard.

What do you expect or hope will happen in the future with FOW?

I hope that the meta will slow down a bit I think where its at right now may be a bit unhealthy, especially for new players who are trying to get into the game. Its no fun entering your first tournament and losing on turn 3-4 to a bahamut deck just because you weren’t playing the same exact thing or didn’t know what the deck was.

Any tips for new Players looking to play Force of Will on a competitive level?

I find the best way to get better is to test with better players. Its nice to play at locals but if your locals is a bunch of newer players you will only progress skill wise as fast as they do. As for deck building some people will say that good players make there own decks but I find it helps to talk to other good players about deck lists and bounce ideas until you find what feels like an ideal list. It’s never bad to get someone else’s opinion even if it conflicts with that of your own. Do you have any comments you would like to add? Any tips for new Players? Win the dice roll HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! It seems to be a huge factor (in this meta especially)

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