AGP Pasadena Player Report! – Travis McPherson

AGP Pasadena Report


Deck made to stop field swarms by keeping field thin with Meph as win con being the only resonator big enough to hit through nearly anything and cant be continously bounced by RR due to the life drain

Round 1 vs Mono Red Aggro 0-2 Loss
-To make this not so long story even shorter, I didn’t respect Split enough and used all my will to slow him down and stop creatures from hitting the board

-Game 2, I drew kill spells and he drew burn. And we all know how burn does vs control without counters.

Round 2 vs Fairies 2-0 Win
-As my deck was made to counter World or any deck really that can mass guys to the field, this was an unexpected matchup that went smoothly with Sign, Stoning, and Meph clearing the field although I did have a slow start and was down to 300 before the game ended [Heavenly Garden puts in work early on and he had 3 down before I could draw my counters to normal spells].

-Game 2 He faltered on Ruler’s Memoria 3 turns straight and I managed to T1.5 Fiethsing into a T2 Meph and end the game without any trouble countering whatever else he did.

Round 3 vs… a guy who didn’t show up Win (?) (RIP my breakers)
-I would’ve expected this had I gone 0-2 and continued on but at 1-1 when there was still a possibility is a bit odd. The part that made this even worse was that my round 1 opponent was to tables further down than me and lost that game meaning my one loss was a 1-2 drop. RIP
-The bright side? I had an hour to go get lunch

Round 4 vs Necromancy Red 1-1 Tie
-Basically a red black aggro deck using Necromancy of the Undead Lord with to make Cthugha Chains and Lances come out swinging even harder
-Game 1 Triple Cthugha chain followed by forty thieves pitching 2 Necromancy followed by Flame spite into 4th Cthugha into lance. Dead T3

-Game 2 Counter, counter, kill, Meph, counter, counter. I played control in the post side matchup of having Flame and Robe in deck

– Game 3 I played the game of trying not to losing, forgoing trying to win as there was only 8 minutes left on the clock hard mulling for Robe, Flame of Outer World, and Dark Pulse. Being 2 turns away from win by Meph attacks sucks but at least I didn’t lose the game

Round 5 vs Turbo Arthur Sages (?) 2-0 Win
-Game 1 Turbo Mephed him out of the game countering everything he did

-Game 2 was probably the most fair matchup of the tournament we took turn with counter wars me defending Meph him defending from Xeex. Arthur made me regret dropping Portal of Truth for Stoning to Death as a last minute call which would have made the game go so much faster rather than me having to J Activate earlier than I wanted to bounce and play the counter war with me trying to cancel his return with Xeex which is where his true deck shone with Fiethsing Oracle dropping down and taxing my spells for an additional will.  Which I was unable to pay meaning I had to repeatedly bounce just to keep Arthur off the field. Later that game I was a little annoyed with myself on a missed lethal. He was at a solid 17 and I was thinking just swing and pump with Xeex. Like an idiot I played into an Almerius which tried to remove my meth from game and I forgot that Xeex could stop targeting so that was a horrid play on my part and I just RR bounced Meph to replay him and passed. He had nothing the next turn but still that 1 missed turn AND he was tapped out was awful on my end. Next turn was game but still that 1 turn matters a lot in limited time.

              Round 6 vs American Incarnate 2-1 Win
– Game 1 Signed everything he did because I kept my field clear or traded Familiar for Flame Sprite in response to him using RR’s effect to keep him off both damage and incarnate fodder. Win by Meph

-Game 2 He did what incarnate does dropping threats fast and furious with a Gwibers that when combined with poison apples made short work of my life total. Made me regret not playing the Susanawo in board plan

-Game 3 He went full tilt going into to turns with me hard defending my life total while dropping his with Meph till turns my 3200 to his 7 and he was defending like there’s no tomorrow. I let him take back the minor misplays because I didn’t want to be “that guy” that rule sharks people. Turn 2 700 life is where he makes the fatal misplay. Drops Gherta and Gwiber (flying blockers) using the moon stone dropping him to 5. Now this was the huge point that made the difference between tie and win as I had a Meph and a Refrain out meaning I could bounce his blocker and him trying to bounce Meph would drain him 5 for targeting meaning game. That and he played just enough Resonators right into Sign meaning he lost by 2 means.(note him using the moon stone took him off 700 down to 500, perfect range for Meph). I sign and he scoops right there (had just J Activated that turn).

Round 7 vs??? [I assume red white aggro of sorts, didn’t look like incarnate] 0-1 loss[should have been 0-2 but I decided to go down fighting]
-Both games all I saw was Heat Ray, Moon Stones, Cthughas, Guin, Susanawo, Thunders, Eggs, and Lance. That told me nothing of what he was playing. Also robes only stop 1 Attack a turn so I couldn’t do anything vs Cthugha Chain. On a side not, the promo alt art Heat Ray looks amazing.

Round 8 vs American Incarnate 2-0 (somehow got knocked from table 6 to 52nd place by that loss)
-Again, deck is designed to beat swarms. Sign interrupting priority is amazing vs T1 Reso, T2 Little Red into 3 guys letting me knock out egg and granny leaving him with a 200/200 that can’t do much vs Fiethsings and Meph

MVP of that day was by far Sign to the Future followed up by Meph. I ended up at 27th Place which was fine as I kinda gave up hope at that second loss and was just going for the Percival at that point. Learned quite a few things also. American Incarnate decks, they sided into Bloody Snow White to win the Val 2.0 Matchup as they already mained a couple apples so it’s not that hard. Game 2 I often found myself dropping Morgiana and Familiar to 3 ofs and the deck ran just fine still making me think that maybe those can be better positioned to something like Glimpse of Kaguya or maybe maining a 1 or 2 Dark Pulse to clear up the rush decks. Maybe even Fiethsing and Meph number 4 as my original version had. That format was full of fast kills and I chose to play the control game, yet I didn’t face world once and I consider that due to round 1 loss knocking me back to the end and fighting my way up from that was difficult ending 5-2-1 just going for that Perceval lol. Top 8 would’ve been nice but I knew from the start that my breakers would drag me down if I didn’t go undefeated from there. Overall the tournament was ran extremely well aside from delays from repairs and an extremely brutal pairing system I have no qualms with it and hope to attend again at the next AGPs to try to get that coveted invite. That being said I don’t care how aggro the format becomes Ill still be playing control and look forward to playing Yggdrasil come March.

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