Judge of Will – Unloading your Automatics

Hello all and welcome to a new, exciting edition of Judge of Will where we discuss the implications of an amazing card coming in Alice Cluster’s 3rd set: “Kaguya, the Moonlit Saviour”.  This card is sure to cause some confusion to those not familiar with fine details of how abilities work in the game and could lead to some play mistakes because of the specific terms involved.  Let’s shine some Moonlight on what Kaguya CAN and CANNOT do, and why.


Kaguya, the Moonlit Saviour

 First, Kaguya can use Moon Will as if it were Wind Will.  This means Kaguya can treat Moon Will as if it was an Attribute Will instead of a characteristic of Void Will.  This may have more implications than just granting you access to some serious beasts and spells from the Alice Cluster.

Secondly, Kaguya loves Awakening cards.  This plays well with previous theme cards of hers, and is sure to have more importance as cards in Light AND Wind attributes are spoiled throughout the A3 spoiler season.  This set is also the first time we have seen the ATK/DEF boosting counters, which means you may need more tokens when playing in tournaments in the future.  Also, because Ruler cards never leave a playground (they merely move from Ruler to Field Zones and vice versa) if she dies while Imperishable, the counters are never removed.

The Third Ability is so simple yet has a lot of complexity that I will devote a subsection below to help show in depth what it can and cannot do.  Needless to say, we have been looking for an ability to cancel automatic triggers for a while now, and this is a very powerful ability for only one will.

The damage prevention ability is fairly straightforward – chase  most things that will cause damage to prevent them because your ability will resolve, or use it before either battle step resolves damage.  This is also useful to do before recovery step if you have no other use for that will before then.

LIGHT OF THE SACRED MOON:  This God’s Art is simply put, one of the better finishers as God’s Arts go.  The high Will cost is offset by the stone recovery, and the discount on Awakening costs means there are more chances to increase her ATK and DEF before attacking for game.  Thanks to multiple non-stone ways to pay the moon will, and the ability to perform this before recovery then play Spell: Chant- Instants, this card suddenly becomes a clear winner as J-Rulers are concerned for once per game effects – but it can still be prevented by Glimpse of Kaguya (All God’s Arts so far have been activated abilities.)



Overall we see a beast of a J-Ruler that needs little to make her great, has excellent starting ATK and DEF values (who does not instantly die to Flames of Outer World). She does not give your opponent priority because of a triggered entry ability upon Judgement. She can abuse Change the World Regalia because unused moon will grants an additional draw every third recovery, which can be relevant to a control style deck.

  • If you control Rezzard or Overlord Valentina’s J-Rulers, then activate a Deathscythe’s ability to grant the triggered ability “Whenever a resonator that was dealt damage by this card this turn is put into a graveyard, put it into your field.”,
  • Kaguya can cancel the gained Automatic ability to steal a resonator when that ability trigger sand is put on the chase, but
  • Kaguya cannot cancel the activated ability that grants the Automatic ability to steal a resonator.

In short, you can cancel a triggered ability and not an activated ability.   When a cost is indicated by a colon, the ability is activated.  When the phrasing includes a keyword like ‘When <X>  happens, do <Y>’ Where <X> is an event and <Y> is a new effect.

So What Can She Cancel?

  • Kaguya cancels Automatic ABILITIES, meaning anything on a card that triggers which is an active ability in the appropriate zone.  Examples of this are triggers including those granted by Awakening, cards that trigger when they enter play via the ENTER ability or the ‘When this card enters the field”, cards that trigger an ability when they enter a graveyard, and cards that stay in play and trigger when something else occurs.
  • One Kaguya can cancel the opposing Kaguya’s triggered bonus counters in the mirror match, because they look for an event (playing an Awakening) then trigger to add counters.
  • Kaguya can cancel detrimental effects from 12 Apostles Resonators on entry, such as Oroborous, your opponent’s Phoenix or Leviathan, or an Adombrali (negates all effects from the single entry ability regardless of the amount of attributes involved)
  • Kaguya can prevent the life loss from Mephistopheles.

And what is not a legal target?

  • Standby Cards are not automatic abilities – they are automatic objects.  These cards are spells in their own right and MUST be cancelled as normal spells.
  • Stealth Cards are likewise not automatic abilities – they are automatic objects with special play timing.  These cards are spells in their own right and MUST be cancelled as summon spells.
  • To further clarify the two above – whenever an actual card is involved in a trigger, it is not an ability.
  • Replacement effects are not triggered.  Card text that says “If <X> would happen, do <Y> instead.” where <X> and <Y> are events, are not triggers.  Replacement effects never go on the chase and cannot be targeted.

Points from Stephanie Shaw’s ‘Did You Know?’ from the Facebook Group:

If a card has multiple Awakening and yuo pay for each, it triggers Kaguya’s bonus counters once for each awakening paid for.

Awakening is done when playing a card, so the triggers for the counters are above the card awakened on the chase, resolving before it does.

Cancelling the card that was awakened cannot cancel Kaguya’s triggered Automatic Ability to place counters on her J-Ruler side.

Abilities do not gain inherent protection of the card that created them, such as “Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant”. The Cat is untargetable, but the automatic trigger that shuffles it into the deck when it goes to the grave IS a legal target on the chase for Kaguya’s cancel.


I hope these clarifications help, and check back on this page for more specific interactions as the spoiler season continues as it will be updated for your benefit.  Until next time, Rulers!

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