Judge of Will – Abilities and Effects, under the covers!

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This series will cover rules interactions that judges have been noticing need clarification. In order to assist the player base and limit the necessity of judge calls during events for commonly misinterpreted scenarios, we will highlight a typical or specific example of card interaction, a simple explanation of how it should resolve, and then a more in-depth clarification using the rules.  This issue uses CR 5.2.

Today’s article is going to cover some basic game terms and concepts that involve how abilities and effects work..


Activated, Automatic, and Continuous

Per CR 5.11 Sec 9:

Activated abilities are abilities with the text “[Activated] <cost>:<effect>” or
just “<cost>:<effect>”, and the controller of that ability can play it at the time
they are allowed to, by paying all the costs.

Automatic abilities are abilities with the text “[Continuous] <effect>” or just
“<effect>”, or [Spell: Chant-standby] cards. These cards also need to meet a
condition or [Trigger] to play. They’re played in the next priority sequence
after the triggering condition is met.

Continuous abilities are abilities with the text “[Continuous] <effect>” or just
“<effect>” with no trigger ability. Continuous abilities apply their effect as
long as the abilities are active



Per CR 5.11 Sec 9:

An effect refers to the type of process described by an ability. Effects are based on how they’re applied. Effects can be “one time effect“, “continuous effect” or “replacement effect“.


A one time effect is an effect to do something and end the application immediately after that

A continuous effect is an effect that is applied in some duration, or if there is no duration specified, applied as long as the ability is active.

A replacement effect is an effect applied to a specific action that one would perform, and instead, not performing it and doing the replacement effect.



Per CR 5.11 Sec 9:

Each ability can be played or apply its effect as long as it’s active. If not specified, abilities are active as long as the card with them is in a zone as below:

  • Abilities on a J/resonator, addition, or regalia are active while the card is in a field.
  • Abilities on a ruler are active while the card is in a ruler area
  • Abilities on a magic stone are active while the card is in a magic stone area

If an ability has text that is available in specified area, the ability is active in that specified area.


Thanks for reading!  Expect more in the near future explaining interactions, rules and more from the event judges here in America for Force of Will!

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