Judges Pick for Chicago Regionals 2015

By: Chris “Chibi “ Michaelis

Every event the FOW US Team will designate a deck worthy of public attention. It is with great pleasure that we introduce the following individual… Jon Greiner

How long have you been playing TCG’s? Do you have any accomplishments of note?

I have been playing TCGs for about 6 years now. I first started out playing Magic when I was 16. While I was young and unable to attend most large tournaments, the first regional I attended I placed top 32.

Do you have a preferred deck type?

After playing around with decks of all types, my favorite play style would have to be aggressive decks looking to overrun my opponent. My deck forces my opponent into a corner with 32 creatures in the deck, and needing to answer almost each one.

How long have you been playing Fow and what interested you about the game?

I have been playing FOW for about 4 months now. I was originally interested in this game due to its use of a split magic stone deck, rulers and how unique each ruler was. I love the game due to its synergies ranging from its rare to high power commons.

What was the name of the event you attended and how many players participated?

I recently reached top 16 at the Illinois Regional Championship on July 11th, with an attendance of roughly 230 people.

Prior to the event how did you prepare for the event and what was your expectations on what you types of decks you were going to face?

Prior to the event I had expected to run into mostly Control and Split and Red decks. My biggest focus was my sideboard. I wanted to go through it quite a few times trying to iron out what I actually needed. I worked on trying to counter any threats I might encounter from different metas. The meta around my area is heavily focused on Control that comes in many different forms, with little aggro decks being played around me – I had very little practice against that sort of match up.

What deck did you decide to enter with and why?

I decided to show up with my Grimm deck due to good its high win rate locally. I had noticed after playing it for a while that not many people used Field cards so I thought not many people would have the side board to deal with them.

J-Ruler: Grimm, the Fairy Tale Prince

Main Deck:
3x Brainless Scarecrow
3x Cowardly Lion
4x Heartless Tin Man
3x Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant
4x Hunter in Black Forest
4x Tinker Bell, the Spirit
4x Gretel
3x Glinda, the Fairy
4x Rapunzel, the Long Haired Princess
2x Xeex the Ancient Magic
3x Realm of Evolution
3x Refarth, the Castle in Heaven

Magic Stones:
13x Magic Stone of Wind
1x Little Red, the Pure Stone
1x Feethsing, the Holy Wind Stone

2x Grimm, the Avenger of Fairy Tales
3x The Little Prince
1x The Emperor with New Clothes
1x Glinda, the Fairy
1x Xeex the Ancient Magic
3x Etna, the Snow Queen
1x Hamelin’s Pied Piper

What’s was your MVP card?

I would have to say that my MVP card in the deck was Tin Man. He is the strongest one drop I have in the deck due to its easy to obtain achievement counter and has consistently over performed. Starting the game out with one or two of them in my hand can mean a swift defeat for my opponent if I can follow up with a Field card. By turn 4 with just 2 of them I can easily deal around 3000 damage.

Which card under performed in your deck that you felt should not have?

Cheshire Cat was by far the worst performing card in the deck that weekend. Normally she serves a good midrange purpose of swapping out for new cards, but almost every time I played her I got worse cards and would be trying to actively trying to kill her for reshuffle then beating in with her.

Did you have any unique tech added to your deck that enabled you to out perform other players who used the same deck?

I think the most unique thing about my deck was the use of Field cards. Making sure that my deck is 100% Fairy Tale I get the most efficient use of Realm of Evolution. With 1 or 2 Field cards out any of my small creatures become a huge threat. When my one drops start turning into 500/500s or 700/700s, other heavy creature decks like mine run into a big problem with keeping a board presence. If I think that my opponent can only win with creatures I can easily wipe his board when I play a Realm by just attacking into their creatures.

Do you have any particular strategies or combos you strive for?

The combo that I strive for is one that is used in most Grimm decks, with playing Rapunzel and attacking for lethal the next turn. During my last game of the day I was able to go Turn 1 play a one drop, Turn 2 play two one drops, then finish it off by turn three playing Rapunzel. My opponent was unable to answer her with me having a Glinda and Xeex in hand.

What would be considered an optimal hand for you post mulligan?

I think the most optimal hand would be some thing like 2x Tin Man, Gretel, Realm of Evolution and a Refarth.

Do you feel other players play this deck incorrectly?

I don’t feel people are playing Grimm incorrectly; I feel that there are many ways to play it such as ODD Grimm. I would say that my deck would be a bit more consistent in this heavy control meta due to my field cards being able to make my low drops consistently threatening. The only draw back to my version is the lack of removal spells. With only 2 mainboard Xeex I can only counter creatures and hope to kill them with my bigger creatures with no direct kill spells.

Any tips for other players on how to play the deck?

A few tricky things about this deck is during mulligans, during game one I choose to not keep Xeex in my hand as well as always sending back Cheshire Cat. Both cards are extremely powerful in the deck, however this deck needs to be spending its early mana on aggressive creatures that can spiral out of control.

Would you like to clarify on any particular card choices?

The last card that I added to the side board was a strong pick in the form of Emperor with New Clothes, this card has an interaction that does not effect my area’s meta but was able to stay a constant threat with people using soft removal in the form of Bind of Gravity.

What was your match line up?

Round 1 – Dracula Green/Black Mid-Range. Side board Abdul. Win

Round 2 -Pandora of Dark Green/Red/White Control. Win

Round 3 – Abdul Green/Black Control. Lose

Round 4 – Pandora of Dark Green/Black/Red/White Control. Side board Alice. Win

Round 5 – Scheherazade Green/Red Control. Win

Round 6 – Scheherazade Green/Black Control. Side board Abdul. Lose

Round 7 – Bahamut Mono Red Mid-Range. Win

Round 8 – Grimmia Mono White Aggro. Win

Reflecting back on the event – was their any choices that you thought you should’ve made but didn’t?

I think one of the only things that I would go back to change would be Round 3 game 2 when I kept a risky hand of 2 Tinkerbell (with no additions) that got shut out when he flipped Abdul for one early in the match.

What do you expect or hope will happen in the future with FOW?

I hope that the game continues to grow in popularity as it has, and after taking a sneak peak at what’s to come I already can’t wait to make more decks!

Will you be attending any future events?

Currently I am hoping to attend the Texas Regionals, but no concrete plans as of yet.

Do you have any comments you would like to add? Any tips for new Players?

I would like to thank my friends Rudy Contreras, Stephen Baert, and Cassidy Silver for getting me into the game and helping me refine my deck along the way. For new players out there do not forget that your most valuable resource is your health. Do not be afraid to take a few hits and get a bit low.

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