Saint Alice Control

Hello again, Sages!

Today I’ll be talking about yet another new ruler from SKL, and boy do I expect some criticism for this one. I’m dealing with one of the dual Alice Rulers: Alice, the Saint of Healing.

Alice, the Saint of Healing

When I first saw both new Alice J-Rulers (because they share the same Ruler side, I’m not linking that so feel free to use our handy-dandy database!), I was really excited.

Then confused.

Then bored.

Then excited again!

Both Alice J-Rulers are powerful. I will go ahead and say this, and I’m even willing to bet on it: in the coming months both Alice J-Rulers will see tournament play. They’re both efficent at what they do. However, I’ve chosen “Alice, the Saint of Healing” for today’s article because, well… I feel she’s a bit more complicated than the Valkyrie Alice, and that she lends herself to a particular type of deck that I don’t think sees enough love in an aggro-dominated format–control. She’s beefy, slow, and ponderous like a moving fortress. She can provide pretty much the best protection either way for resonators that play under her. She’s also the J-Ruler that, out of all of them in the new set, that I think is getting the least amount of coverage (even though you awesome people over on the Facebook page voted for an article about her… WHY AREN’T YOU TALKING ABOUT HER???). So let’s get into this list and then I’ll discuss the cards as per usual. Also, I know right off the bat that people are going to be looking for a particular card inclusion that I didn’t add, and yes, I will talk about it later so just put down those pitchforks for now.

Saint Alice Control


Alice, the Girl in the Looking Glass/Alice, the Saint of Healing

Resonators (19):

4x Elvish Priests

4x Gretel

4x Medusa, the Dead Eye of Petrification

4x Bastet, the Elder God

3x Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword

Spells (21):

4x Xeex, the Ancient Magic

4x Absolute Cake Zone

2x Keen Sense

4x Ame-No-Habakiri

3x Petrifying Gaze

2x Charm of the Princess

3x Crime & Punishment

Stones (10):

4x Magic Stone of Deep Wood

4x Magic Stone of Blasting Waves

2x Magic Stone of Hearth’s Core

Sideboard (15):

1x Blazer Gill Rabus

2x Keen Sense

4x Certo, the Blazing Volcano

3x Flame King’s Shout

3x Wind of Gods

2x Marybell, the Steel Doll



Goal of the Deck: This deck is slow and painful, but mostly for your opponent. You want to establish early board control for will ramp and then play the “Simon Says No” game until you can get a sizeable advantage. Between your cancels and combat, the opponent’s graveyard will have a few cards in it, which means that Bastet will be a decent-sized beater. Susanowo is your finisher, as he is extremely hard to deal with and with his sword addition (pretty much game ending). Here’s the thing though–you can also throw that sword on a Bastet or Medusa, which makes for an interesting game in and of itself. Charm is there for a bit of board manipulation if they have something you can’t deal with, and since you’re going to be so far ahead with will, Petrifying Gaze isn’t as detrimental to you as it is to other players.

Card Choices: Alright, time to make my appeal to the jury of peers I know are watching me, so let’s get to it:

  • “Bastet, the Elder God.” I feel that in a control shell is extremely undervalued. You will be cancelling and putting a lot of cards in the graveyard. Plus with Ame-no-Habakiri she gets bigger and becomes ridiculous to deal with. Could she be removed from the deck? Yes. Does she deserve a chance though? Yes.
  • “Petrifying Gaze.” This card gets a lot of flak because it puts your opponent up a magic stone, but hear me out: you’re ramping in this deck, and with cancels, you honestly don’t care what the opponent can or can’t play. PG lets you gain more of that “Simon Says” mentality when you put back their major threats and still have the will up to cancel that crucial spell.
  • “Charm of the Princess.” This is a super interesting card that I think works wonders in a control shell. Say that, despite your awesome tactics, your opponent just has some kind of badass resonator that you just can’t get rid of it. Instead of trying to kill it, why not just take it? You’re playing ramp with the Priests and Gretels, so you should be able to mind control any resonator the opponent can throw out by turn 5. I think this lovely charm has a home in control shells.
  • “Wind of Gods.” This is primarily a wind-based deck and I think this card will be highly valued in the upcoming meta where Darkness and Fire resonators will most certainly be a thing.
  • “Marybell, the Steel Doll.” I included this card for the longer, grinder matchups that will happen. Also, if they have a pesky regalia that needs removing at just the right time, Marybell is your gal for it.

Cut Cards: In this case, there’s really only one card that I expect to see a lot of complaining about as to why I didn’t put it in this list, and that is “Deep Blue, the Phantom Board.” The main reason that I didn’t include the regalia in this deck is that it basically adds no synergy to the list–I’m not playing small soldiers so why should I care? I have will fixing with Priest and Gretel. I think Deep Blue definitely has a place with the Valkyrie Alice, but with Saint Alice I feel it’s clumsy and unrefined as a support card.

How to Play: This one is a bit harder to explain–it’s a control list. Control decks depend on anticipating and weighing out the important plays of the opponent so that they can respond correctly. Mainly, look for the cards that when played, generate the best value for the opponent. You obviously want to cancel their finishers, and depending on the play a canceled Perceval or Lancelot might win you the game. Also, since you’re playing 3 colors, be on the look out for Split Heaven and Earth–it’s a card you almost always want to have an answer for.

And that’s it for this time! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment. Also, if you have a decklist that you want me to check out, please send it over to (email) and I’ll give it a look over and may even choose to feature it in a future article! Also also, we have a contest going on right now to have a random person get a featured article on this website, or FoWTavern, or Void and Moon! So if you don’t like what we write and think you can do better, or just feel that maybe there’s something we haven’t covered that you think needs mentioning, go ahead and sign up for the event on Facebook! Hope to see you there!

Until next time, Sages!


Kegan Walls is a gamer through-and-through. He’s been a part of the gaming community since 1993 and has been playing TCGs since 1995. Kegan has competed in various high-level events across different games and has written several articles over the years for other games, including tabletop and video games. He is currently a Rules Advisor for the Force of Will U.S. team. His list of TCGs played would probably take up more space than an article would. You can contact him through or find him on the Facebook page.

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