Moonlit Savior Water Spoilers – a First Look

Greetings, Force of Will Players! Recently we were shown the Water Ruler coming soon in Moonlit Savior (A3). Along with it we got a slew of support cards for her whimsical theme. Let’s take a quick look at those cards, shall we?

Card Theory:

The Will behind the Song:

The Ruler side. Looking at the top card of your deck constantly is a powerful effect, no questions asked. This virtually adds another card to your hand and effectively puts your knowledge a turn ahead. Judgement cost is 3 here. This is average and puts the Songstress on par with other new rulers. Overall, this seems okay so far.

Alrighty then! Top card should always be a 5-drop when this happens. I love the fact that you still get sight on your top card. This keeps the synergy engine going. There’s already talk of some prime targets for her to put into play with this trigger: Purplemist, King Arthur, or even Celestial Wing Seraph to grab a Dignified Seraph as well.

The God’s Art costs 2. Good! I like aggressively costed abilities. I had to read this effect a few times to appreciate it. The fact that the damage is one-sided makes this very strong. The numbers are important here, since 1400 kills Primogenitor after Pitch Black Moon buff and kills Moonlit Savior Kaguya after two Awakening buffs. This also kills Bloody Snow White, and just in case it matters, kills Valentina Overlord after Seven Kings Buffs. Attacking for 1400 isn’t too shabby either. Overall I’m not blown away, but the card seems strong.




The Supporting Sounds:


Well then, this seems insane. We look at the top card of our deck, so the first clause simplay says “When this card enters your field, draw a card.” The second clause? This is huge. Muse is immune to Thunder. Muse makes all of your resonators immune to the Flame Sprite + Demonflame combo. Factor in a card like Shangri-La? Muse becomes immune to Burn to Cinders. Muse then makes Alice, Guardian of Dimensions and Cinderella, Valkyrie of Glass both immune to Flame of Outer World. That’s huge. It also makes Purplemist immune to getting 1 for 2’d by Lancelot and Chthuga. And King Arthur? Wow. Immunity to all damage less than or equal to 1100, 1900 in a lot of scenarios. How gamewinning. Muse replaces itself and then does wonderful things for your resilience.

Drill Sergeant

So my initial impression of this card was awful. I saw it as gimmicky and conditional. I thought the requirement to always have a resonator on top was too strict for it to be good, comparing the card to March Hare. How wrong I was.

I built a proxy deck using a lot of these cards. Combinations of the top card sight, and filtering effects like Trader of Shangri-La and Cheshire Cat make it very easy to ensure that every attack with Drill Sergeant is an attack for at least 1000. That trigger makes Muse’s protection much stronger and otherwise just makes your team better. Strong card. Easy to ensure ability.

Shion's Hymn

This card does a LOT of things. I mean a lot. Topdecking a resonator is powerful. You basically rob your opponent of a turn. They don’t get a new card, they get their old resonator. They probably re tap stones to play it again. Boom. Entire turn gone. Further, this spell also gets you a resonator off the top of your own deck. Again, it’s very easy to ensure your top card is what you want. This card will pretty much always get you a new guy and get rid of theirs. Also, the God’s Art becomes free. So maybe you kill another thing with this spell. That’s a lot for 3 will. Very worth being a Chant. However, this effect is still rather slow and loses value if you aren’t playing it straight into GA. Play it, but not in multitudes. Two copies should do fine.


Man, have I been waiting to talk about this one. The filtering effect is amazing. This is chief in fixing your top card to what you’d like it to be. Cheshire gains a lot of extra power with this. Draw 2, then put a card from your hand on top. Do you not want to see it again? Send it to the bottom. Then look at the new top card. This first effect feels a lot like using the drawing effect of Reflect, Child of Potential. I’m serious. It’s that good.

The second effect banishes itself to stack your top card. The most obvious use of this is setting up for Judgement and Shion’s enter trigger. That setup is very worth it though, no matter how obvious. This means a Turn 5 Judgement into a free Purplemist is very easy to ensure consistently. Very strong effect.

The final effect allows you to discard redundant copies to draw cards. It reminds me of the flavor of Gleipnir, which I enjoy aesthetically, but this ability seems like a trap. Playing more Hydromonicas seems way better than just cycling them into draws. Would not recommend using this unless direly necessary.

Hymnal's Memoria

Holy cow. Oh my goodness. Hold the phone. Wait a minute. Pause. Rewind. Stop. Eject tape.

It draws a card. I repeat: IT DRAWS A CARD.

Yeah. This stone is amazing. No downside if we’re playing Shion, and it draws a card. Going first? You can start with 6 cards too. Topdecking? Well you can draw 2 cards this turn without doing anything. Yeah. This stone is bonkers, hands down. Drawing cards has always been one of the most powerful things one can do in a TCG, and doing it for free is even better. Play 4. No questions asked.


Ahh, a mini-Drill Sergeant. This one I tried faster than I tried Drill Sergeant. It costs 1. However, it’s in using this card that I realized how good Sergeant really was. This card practically always attacks for 500. At 1 cost, that’s pretty good.

Deck Theory

I mentioned earlier that I built a test deck that uses proxies of┬áthe new cards. I might as well share what I’m doing there.

Ruler: Songstress of Shangri-La // Coup d’Etat Mastermind, Shion

4 Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant
3 Musician of Shangri-La
3 Cinderella, Valkyrie of Glass
3 Hera, Goddess of Jealousy
4 Muse, Celestial of Music
2 Alice, Guardian of Dimensions
2 Drill Sergeant
2 Etna, the Snow Queen
2 Purplemist, the Fantasy Dragon
1 Arthur Pendragon, King of the Round Table
1 Celestial Wing Seraph
1 Dignified Seraph

4 Shangri-La, the Paradise on the Ocean

4 Heavenly Instrument, Hydromonica

2 Shion’s Hymn
2 Sign to the Future

Stone Deck:
4 Magic Stone of Light Vapors
4 Hymnal Memoria
1 Little Red, the Pure Stone
1 Moojdart, the Fantasy Stone

This is obviously a rough draft, and only takes into account the spoiled cards shown above. As more support for this deck is released, the list will change. For now, this seems alright.


So yeah, Shion takes over the Shangri-La deck. Hera has not slacked at all in usefulness and will not going into A3. Primogenitor’s Earth and Kaguya’s Apollo are prime targets for this, as well as Orb of Illusion and enemy Hydromonicas. Shangri-La itself is just as strong as ever, since we draw all the time. (Including from our stones.) The musician typically attacks for 700 or more, and Muse typically prevents tiny enemy resonators from accomplishing much. Purplemist and Arthur are relatively hard for control decks to answer, and Celestial Wing Seraph sometimes just goes bigger than the enemy can handle. Sign to the Future is an emergency card that we can filter away when unneeded. Other than that, the deck looks familiar. The deck performs just like one would think: Fix the top card, draw what we want, draw often, keep up a bunch of cards, play buffed water resonators, flip into a free 5-drop, and otherwise gain tempo over the course of the game that proves too much to bear. I love it so far, and I can’t wait to see what else there is in store for Water in A3!

Justin Scripter

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