Malaysian Nationals Winner – Leon Lam

By: Chris “Chibi” Michaelis (FOWTCG.US Content Manager)

Please introduce yourself and your history with trading card games.

My name is Lam Hoc Leon from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’ve played Hearthstone, Vanguard, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic: The Gathering, but never competitive because I usually played with a group of friends or my relatives. Out of those I’ve mentioned, I currently only play Hearthstone and Force of WIll. I came across Force of Will at an ACG event early this year and it immediately got me hooked. The week after that I went looking for LGSs that had this, and it’s been pretty good ever since, I really love this game and hope to grow the community here in Malaysia.

What were your expectations prior to attending your event?

My expectations were Vlad, Bahamut, and Faria/Melgis. These were probably the most prominent decks currently in the meta. Of course they are decks like Snow White and Salt decks to was brought to my attention as well.

What did you decide to enter with and why? Please explain your deck preperation process. 

I call the deck “Melgis > Bahamut!” because I sincerely believe that Melgis is better than Bahamut.

Ruler: Melgis, The Flame King/ Melgis, The One Charmed by the Demon Sword

Main Deck:

1x Susanowo, The Ten-Fist Sword

1x Little Dread, The Fake Red Moon

4x Loup Garou, The New Moon

4x Cthugha, The Living Flame

2x Lancelot, The Knight of Mad Demon

2x Beowulf, The Blazing Wolf

2x Hector de Maris, The Acolyte of Mad Demon

4x Rukh Egg

4x Hunter in Black Forest

2x Flame King’s Shout

2x Split Heaven and Earth

2x Fetal Movement of Outer World

4x Thunder

2x Ame-no-Habakiri

4x Laevateinn, the Demon Sword

Side Deck:

1x Susanowo, The Ten-Fist Sword

1x Blazer, The Eater of Dimensions

1x Gilles de Rais, The Golden Dragon

1x Split Heaven and Earth

1x Fetal Movement of Outer World

2x Purifying Fire

2x Ame-no-Habakiri

2x Robe of Fire-Rat

2x Crime and Punishment

2x Rapid Decay



Initially, I was stuck deciding to go for a control build or an aggro build a week before the event. I decided to go with a my Melgis build because I’ve had the deck (Not the final version, there were a few versions) for casuals since it’s release so I’ve been running Melgis for quite some time now and playtesting with him has allowed me to see his potential, why I decided to use Melgis over Bahamut or Cain, is that Melgis has most to gain from Regalias, and he has the power rival to Bahamut and ability that rivals Cain, so it’s the best of both worlds. About a few days before the event I tweaked the deck and made a side deck to go along with current meta (I usually dont have a side for casuals or locals, cause it’s for fun).

What is considered your optimal hand post mulligan?

Honestly it depends on the matchup, but I would say the most optimal thing to have post mulligan is to have at least a Laevateinn, a nice curve is great.

What would be considered your MVP card(s) for the event? And what card(s)performed subpar?

MVP cards are Rukh Egg and Melgis himself along with his Demon Sword. The only that performed subpar in the main deck was Little Dread, I never wanted to draw it in any situation at all, I sided it out every chance I get. In the side deck, cards that under performed was Gilles de Rais and Blazer, never got the chance to side them in.

Any tips for other players on how to play the deck?

3 stones is all you need, less if you need to rush them down with a Turn 2 J-activate. Remember that Regalias are blanket effects and that Laevateinn can banish a resonator to recover. Don’t empty your hand too quickly, be wary. But most of all is understand your opponents deck, knowledge helps. When they mill their deck with Percival or Card Solider Club, ask to view what they have because they have to reveal them and learn their decks.

What was your matches throughout the event?

In total there were 4 rounds of swiss, then cut to top 8.

Game 1, Score 2-0 (Scheherazade/Six Sages)

First round my opponent had a slow start, so won the first round fairly quick. After that, for the second match I sided in 1 more SHaE. He managed to slow me down to about turn 5, but when my opponent started dropping more six sages, to me it meant that thay have less mana untap. Then won the game with double SHaE.

Game 2, Score 2-1 (Lumia/Faria)

This time my opponent was a friend of mine. It was a Fire/Light, 8 Regalias, Lumia deck which was surprising to see. Highlights of the match was that I won using Melgis’ Ruler side, burn him for 400 damage and a Thunder won me the game.

Game 3, Score 2-1 (Abdul/Scheherazade Disaster Creation)

My opponent was also a friend of mine. The combo was tricky, especially when Genisis Creation was used to bring back 2 Yamatas with the help of Book of Eibon, definitely a disasterous scene. Sided in another Susanowo and Fetal, it definitely stopped the Yamatas.

Game 4, Score 2-1 (Bahamut/Regalia)

Okay moment of truth, the entire reason why I went with Melgis was to prove that Melgis can beat Bahamut. The battle was intense, 1000/1000 Flyer with imperishable is intense. Taking out Bahamut was of course number 1 piriority, so I ended up siding in Susanowo, SHaE, Crime and Punishment, and Ame-no-Habakiri. I won the Third round because my opponent had a misplay.

Quarter Finals, Score 2-1 (Scheherazade/ Alice World Combo)

Now this deck… This deck was unexpected at all! A deck that floods the field with resonators of different races to use Alice World to get another turn, not just once but consecutively. But the highlight of the game was the MOA card . . . . . . . .


Refarth, the Wind Castle, at that point I had 2 Flame King’s Shout in hand and it couldn’t clear his board because it prevented normal spells to deal damage to his resonator, did not expect this at all!! Third Round I quickly rush for game by turn 3 with Lancelot added with Ame-no-Habakiri.

Semi Finals, Score 2-1 (Melgis/Bahamut/Regalias)

I was going first, so i think that helped alot in the battle against Melgis. But after that he sided into Bahamut which meant I had to side in Susanowos and SHaE, reason being that it was still a Fire/Light deck. Highlights of this match was that I had three stones and my Melgis with 1 Regalia was on the field staring down the huge Bahamut that had like 2-3 Regalias on the field, I summoned Rukh Egg, Banished it to recover my Regalia and look for another Rukh Egg, and repeated the process 2 more times, buffing my melgis to 2000 Damage and swung at Bahamut. First Stike is awesome.

Finals, Score 2-1 (Bahamut/Regalia)

This was the same opponent from the Swiss round. It felt like a revenge match, but on the final round, he had no hand and was top decking for game. It was a coin toss because it was anybody’s game at that point if he drew a resonator he could J-activate Bahamut and swung for game. I was lucky that he didnt drew his resonator. So to conlude I guess it was a pretty even game, Melgis and Bahamut are pretty evenly match.

Reflecting back on the event  – was their any choices that you thought you should’ve made but didn’t prior to entering?

Definitely, wished I could have removed Little Dread from the deck, that is probably the only thing I would changed in my deck.

Do you have any comments you would like to add? Any tips for new Players looking to play Force of Will on a competative level.

If new Players are looking to get competitive, don’t go with a deck you’re not familiar with or a deck that you haven’t pilot for too long. Go with something you worked hard on and improve from there. Also, side deck is important so playtest your side deck too.

Do you have any comments you would like to add? Final Thoughts?

I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen at the World Championship! This is gonna be my first World Championship and I’m thoroughly excited!! I also want to thank my LGS buddies for helping me out with testing my deck, a shout-out to Yit Cheng, Kenny, Erfan, Norvyn, and Mervin!

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