Indonesia Open 3rd Place – Jonathan Uypico De Joseph

Indonesia Open 3rd Place – Jonathan Uypico De Joseph


By: Chris “Chibi” Michaelis (FOW TCG US Content Manager)


Chibi: Its great to be writing on you once again Jonathan! Last time we spoke you have won the Singapore Open. But for our readers who don’t know who you are could you please introduce yourself?

Johnathan: Jonathan de Joseph again here! I’m just going to be repeating what I’ve said on the first interview on SG Open Championships (laughing). I have been playing TCG for the past few years now and I really enjoy the feel of the Force of Will trading card game.

Chibi: What were your expectations prior to attending the Indonesia Open?

Johnathan: I expected a lot of dragons flying around so I prepared for them.

Chibi: What did you decide to enter with at the Indonesia Open?

Johnthan: Since I was expecting a lot of Bahamut, I decided to tweak the deck a little especially the side deck. I still entered with Knights of the Round Table, which I now called Godless Crusade since I almost always side into Melgis against Bahamut or any other red decks because of his ability to dodge Split.

Godless Crusade

Ruler: Faria
4x Perceval
4x Guinevere
4x Lancelot
4x Gawain
4x Hector de Maris
4x Galahad
4x Excalibur
4x Laevetein
4x Thunder
2x Rapid Decay
2x Demonflame

4x Heat Ray
2x Moonshade
1x Moonlight
1x Milest
1x Almeriius
1x Little Red
4x Crime and Punishment
4x Realm of Pure Spirits
2x Longinus
2x Ame-no Habikiri
1x Demonflame
1x Rapid Decay
1x Melgis


Chibi: Johnathan what would you consider your optimal hand post mulligan when playing Knights of the Round Table?


  1. Perceval
    2. Laeveteinn
    3. Thunder/Rapid Decay/Demonflame
    4. Lancelot
    5. Guinevere

Chibi: During the Indonesia Open, what would you consider was your MVP card in Godless Crusade?

Johnathan: Well my MVP card(s) would be my J/rulers for this particular tournament. Galahad wins me games agains mono red decks so He stays as long as RDW exist.

Chibi: Do you have any tips for other players on how to play Knights of the Round Table?

Johnathan: There are a lot of ways to play the deck against certain matchup.
You only need at least one copy of each regalia in play and the other copies will serve as additional will producers, which will hasten your offense.
The primary offense of the deck is comes from the Knights and the Ruler. Laeveteinn has the biggest role in this deck! The sheer explosiveness of the deck primarily comes the use of the regalia. There are several plays which you can come up to with the deck, so I would not be able to elaborate on all of them…..there are just too many!

Put in mind that “A deck is only as good as its Pilot”.

Chibi: What were your matches throughout the Indonesia Open

Johnathan: My first difficult match was against Ipank’s “My World” deck. I don’t really want to go into details against this match because I wasted a lot of brain cells figuring out how to win against him and I don’t want to remember >.<

Second difficult match was against another team Ogre member who is using Vlad.
He was able to stabilize his board and he seemed to have drawn all his answers to my deck.
Realm of Pure Spirits + Faria Gods Art did the trick for this match.
Other matches I’ve gone through are versus Caine’s and Bahamut, which are mostly 2-0 in my favor. I only lost to one Bahamut player and he is Sam Lau who won the Indonesia Open Championships.

Chibi: Reflecting back on the event  – was their any choices that you thought you should’ve made but didn’t prior to entering?

Johnathan: No regrets. I did what needs to be done and played the event all throughout while having fun. I think Team SEA is pretty strong this World Championships season and we are looking forward to playing against the World of FOW has to offer.

Chibi: Johnathan do you have any comments you would like to add? Any tips for new Players looking to play Force of Will on a more competitive level.

Johnathan:  Hashtag: starters


They are pretty good. Laeveteinn is bonkers and honestly it shouldn’t give swiftness to J/rulers. It should only give first strike since Excalibur only gives target attack which Faria already has which makes Excalibur redundant >.<
Anyway, Vingolf is a pretty good set to start with and since new set is coming out on September, it is the best time to get into the game!
I can see a new meta on the horizon

Chibi: Any final thought for our readers?

Johnathan: Force of Will is growing fast and people all over the world is talking about it now.
I think what needs to be done is to focus on Judge Program, Tournament Software and better Prize structure for large scale events such as Invitational Open, Nationals, Worlds Championships and hopefully a World Cup

Chibi: Well Johnathan it was a pleasure working with you once again. On behalf of the FOW US Team I would like to thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you in Japan this September!

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