Houston WGP 2nd Place Winner – Antyn Vejil

Houston WGP 2nd Place Winner – Antyn Vejil

By: Chris Chibi Michaelis ( Fowtcg.us Content Manager)



Please introduce yourself to the community and your history with trading card games.

I have a LONG history with card games but I’ve only played some of them competitively. I’ve been playing for about 18 years since I started Pokemon. I picked up Digimon and Yugioh in later years and Yugi was the first game I ever went to a tournament for around the age of 12. I’ve always been a very competitive person and once I had a taste of the TCG tournament scene I knew I wanted more. The first TCG I would say that I ever truly took seriously was Inuyasha. I was way too poor to get out to big events back then but I would constantly play my brews against the top tier players online and I even had one of them copy one of my decks and win a major event with it. Since then I’ve played countless amounts of TCGs. I love card games in general and if you can name it then I’ve probably tried it. The last game that I played seriously before Force of Will was L5R and that game really taught me deck building and play skills on an entirely different level than any card game before it. It’s definitely made me a much more calculated player. After that game died down within my playgroup I took a long break from card games. I dabbled here and there with fun cheap decks for various games but I never really felt like any of the games grabbed my interest enough to jump in for real. While I was searching online for some prices on random TCG products I came across a preorder for the 3rd set of Force of Will. I literally shouted, “What the heck is Force of Will and why haven’t I tried it yet?” The art of the game immediately drew me in and I bought some starters and later 2 of the second and first set boxes for my group during the 2nd month the game was out. From there I absolutely fell in love with the game and I think I’m going to be playing it for a long time.

What were your expectations prior to attending Houston WGP?

I expected to get my trip to Japan! I actually had a dream that I won a ticket and I woke up insanely happy and I knew I had to make that happen. I expected to see a ton of Bahamut at the event because the hype was real. I also expected to see a good bit of Granny Grimm and some Vlad. I felt like those were the decks to watch out for going into this event. Turns out I was right.

What deck did you decide to go with that led to your 2nd Place victory?



Ruler: Melgis, the Flame King / Melgis the One Charmed by the Demon Sword

Main Deck: 
4x Perceval, the Seeker of Holy Grail
4x Guinevere, the Jealous Queen
4x Ruhk Egg
4x Hunter in Black Forest
4x Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon
4x Cthugha, the Living Flame
1x Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword
4x Laevateinn, the Demon Sword
4x Excalibur, the God’s Sword
4x Thunder
3x Crime and Punishment

Magic Stone Deck:
4x Magic Stone of Heat Ray
4x Fire Magic Stone
1x Milest, the Ghostly Flame Stone
1x Little Red, the Pure Stone

1x Falltgold, the Dragoon / Bahamut, the Dragon King
1x Apostle of Creation / Cain, the Traitor of Gods
1x Nameless Girl / Jeanne d’Arc, the Flame of Hatred
4x Split Heaven and Earth
3x Bullet of Envy
2x Certo, the Blazing Volcano
2x Robe of Fire Rat
1x Crime and Punishment


I decided to go into the event with my boy Melgis. I feel like he was a really solid choice for a sea of Bahamut meta. I’ve been playing with Melgis ever since the Alice starters came out and I’m extremely comfortable with his play style. I feel like the combination of his massive First Strike, his ability to abuse the Fire Regalia better than any other deck, and his stone call on flip makes him such an insane ruler. I was very aware that he would die to Flames of the Outer World but I really felt like it was pointless to worry about because he could hit for half of their health before they flames him if I have one Excalibur in play. At that point they used up a majority of their stones to kill him and my other resonators can finish my opponents off before they can stabilize possibly even in the next turn.

My deck preparation process was pretty much what I’ve always done. I just spread a bunch of good cards out in front of me and I use my previous knowledge from testing and local tourneys to piece a puzzle together. I stuck with the majority of my deck for an extremely long time. I only made a couple of small changes in the end which really worked out which was the main deck Susan and maxing out on Guinevere.

In Crows.dek what do you consider your optimal hand post mulligan?

I don’t think I truly can pick an optimal hand because there are certain match ups that certain hands would be better than others. But speaking generically I guess I would say that I love to see Ruhk Egg, Cthuga, Perceval, and one of each Regalia. That kind of start gives me the most consistent plays regardless of what stones I flip.


What would be considered your MVP card(s) in Crows.dek during the WGP Houston?

My MVP is definitely Melgis. The dude puts in work! I had a lot of opponents compliment me on the way I played Melgis or flat out tell me that I just taught them how to really use Melgis. It felt pretty awesome! Resonator wise Susanawo was definitely a champ and he won me many games.




I had originally cut him from my side because every time I would side into him people would side out of Bahamut. So I decided to try one in Mainboard and it worked wonders. Since Melgis always plays on 3 stones without losing tempo he is always live in my deck if they control a dragon. And there was so much Baha and Gwiber in the tournament that he hit the field plenty of times and ruined people’s days.

Do you have any tips for other players on how to play Melgis effeciently?

The deck runs on a very all in strategy. You need to hit them fast and hard. Burning through your resources to clear the board and hit hard with Melgis. The rest of the deck just supports this strategy. You should always burn a stone or a resonator to ensure that your Melgis attack goes through.

What were your matchups throughout the WGP Houston?

My first Match was against a Granny Grimm player. He wins die roll. The guy had a solid Wind/Light/X. He was running Morgiana to dig deep with cats, he was running granny, and Gwiber of course. I happened to pull my Susan after my mull and he ended up having a pretty shocked face when I tapped for a third stone instead of J-Activating and blew up his Gwiber and swung through his cats with Pierce. It wasn’t pretty. Second game went much like the first.

Round 2 I played a Bahamut deck. He wins die roll. I honestly don’t really remember the first two games but I definitely remember the third one because it came down to a top deck and if he drew Thunder or an extra regalia then he had game and he top decked the fire Regalia. Oh well. It’s also noteworthy that this was the ONLY game I sided into Bahamut and I lost :/

Round 3 in up against another Granny Grimm player. Can’t remember the dudes name but he was a really cool guy. He win die roll (0-3 baby) and our first game goes a lot like my other first game against Granny Grimm. Second game he is able to build up a NASTY wall of Cats and Granny and finishes me off with a Banzai Attack. Ouch. Game 3 he builds fairly well but I get a massive attack in on the first turn and I search Susan with one of my eggs so he knows it’s in my hand. He doesn’t play his Gwibers since he knows what is coming but I’m able to get enough damage in quickly that I win. It’s possible he may have had a shot if he had drawn a Banzai but he didn’t and I was able to pull it off.

Round 4 and 5 are kind of a blur to me. I was really freaking hungry. I’m pretty sure I played against a Bahamut and a Cain but I don’t remember which round was which. I lost both die rolls though! I definitely remember that! :/

Round 6 Is foggy as well. I lost die roll of course.  But I think that was the game where I burned my opponents blocker and I dropped 2 Bullet of Envy for GG.

So somehow after round 6 I’m X-1 on wins and 0-6 on die roll wins. I began to contemplate how this unfathomable thing could have occurred….

Rounds 7-9 were all Bahamut. I won all my die rolls and I destroyed everything. It was about time I didn’t have to try so hard! Geez. I’m joking.  My opponents were very skillful players and classy dudes. The guy I beat that I talked with on stream was really friendly.

My ninth round was actually using Bales so I knew he had sided into Flames game 2. But it didn’t really matter. Game 3 I had 3 swords by the time it was time to attack and I hit him for a bit of early damage and Melgis went in for 2200 so I knew that if he used his whole turn just to flames me and call a stone then I would simply win in the next turn or two anyway. But he didn’t even get the flames and that’s all she wrote.

My top 8 match was against Quinn and that dude was a blast to play with. I was 3rd seed btw and got to take first turn every game I played in top cut which was super nice! Me and Quinn pretty much went through the motions for the most part. I took game one fairly easily. He stomped me game 2. And I beat him game 3. He took his loss in stride and was a really fun guy to talk with! Hope to see him again in future events!

Top 4 was against Bryan and everyone watching the stream saw how that went. Susan put in work and he couldn’t draw a resonator until it didn’t matter.


Reflecting back on the event  – was their any choices that you thought you should’ve made but didn’t prior to entering?

I should have added Duel of Truths into the deck like I wanted to. And my sideboard should have looked different. I never faced Vlad all day. Was disappointing.



Do you have any comments you would like to add for our readers? Any suggestions for our readers looking to play Force of Will on a more competitive level.

Reading the meta and your opponents plays are truly the best things you can do if you want to be consistent at a big event. I knew what the field would look like and I adjusted accordingly. Other than expecting Vlad and facing 0 Vlad…also it’s vital to have a good playgroup to test with. My deck got tweaked so much that final week when I went through a ton of games with my local group.

Do you have any comments you would like to add?

Just one….. I WAS NOT PLAYING BAHAMUT AND MY DECK WAS NOT A BAHAMUT DECK. Bahamut is beatable. Are Regalia overpowered in our format right now? Yes. But Bahamut himself is not the issue nor is he broken.

Shout out to all my friends in El Paso! To my group that I drove in with, Oscar, Luis, Josh and Ben! I love you guys! And to the most competitive Force of Will shop in the EP Battle Bliss Duel Academy!

Max Williams is the M. Master!

I’m coming for you Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!

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