Houston WGP Champion – Nick Blandin

Houston WGP Champion – Nick Blandin

By: Chris “Chibi” Michaelis (Fowtcg.us Content Manager)



Please introduce yourself to the community and your history with trading card games.

I more recently started playing Force of Will after I quit playing Yugioh competitively. I’ve been playing card games for a while and have had a few previous accomplishments in yugioh.

What were your expectations prior to attending the Houston WGP?

I expected to do well in the event after testing a decent amount with my brother and my teammates. I was not however prepared to win until it actually happened, I just knew that if I played well enough I could possibly get my invite.

What deck did you end up deciding to go with that led to your 1st Place accomplishment?


Ruler: Falltgold, the Dragoon / Bahamut, the Dragon King

Main Deck:
4x Perceval, the Seeker of Holy Grail
4x Guinevere, the Jealous Queen
4x Ruhk Egg
4x Thunder
3x Duel of Truth
3x Apostle of Cain
4x Cthugha, the Living Flame
4x Laevateinn, the Demon Sword
4x Excalibur, the God’s Sword
4x Hunter in Black Forest
2x Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon

Magic Stone Deck:
4x Magic Stone of Heat Ray
1x Little Red, the Pure Stone
5x Fire Magic Stone

4x Split Heaven and Earth
3x Bullet of Envy
1x Apostle of Creation
3x Demon Flame
1x Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword
3x Crime and Punishment


I knew this event would be heavily based around Laevateinn, the Demon Sword (the most powerful card in format without a doubt) and that most of my opponents would either be playing bahamut, some red aggro variation of bahamut, or control decks designed to beat bahamut. With that in mind I tested a multitude of decks that all fell short to bahamut in the long run. Many decks that people were making with win conditions that were not rulers attacking for game by abusing the regalia were strong in testing, but only when going first. The strength of these decks such as granny grimm, musketeers, and alice’s world relies on building up a board and winning in one burst with either banzai attack or alice’s world. This may be a strong strategy but is much harder to do when going 2nd against a bahamut deck. To summarize my testing results bahamut will consistently win when it goes first and so do the banzai attack/alice decks, but the only one of them that has a chance to win going 2nd consistently would be bahamut. This is mostly because your ruler can combat your opponent’s ruler by having a consistent body with flying as well as using cards like duel of truth to even out life totals and take the lead in the aggression.

In Bahamut what do you consider your optimal hand post mulligan?


I throw back every card that’s not Laevateinn or 1 Guenivere (draws more cards for Laevateinn). If I already have Laevateinn in my starting hand then I try to get a 1 mana red creature, and if I already have both than I try to achieve the optimal hand of rukh egg, Laevateinn, duel of truth, cthugha, and the 5th card can be any regalia or perceval.

What would be consiered your MVP card for the WGP Houston Event? And what card(s) performed subpar throughout the event?

MVP cards: Duel of Truth and Laevateinn (obviously)

Subpar cards: Lancelot and cthugha

Do you have any tips for other players on how to play Bahamut effeciently?

Follow the mulligan strategy!

Play your cards to maximize damage output (200 life is often the difference between winning and losing)

Usually you’re going to cap at 1 stone and only go to 2 when you need it badly or don’t have Laevateinn. If you don’t have Laevateinn then you should not be flipping bahamut until you have 2 stones in most circumstances.

What were your matchups throughout the WGP Houston?

I Played 1 musketeer deck, 6 bahamut decks and 2 vlad control decks in the swiss rounds. I only lost 1 match to a man who went by the name “Spaghetti” and not to sound salty, but I think that match was only lost because in game 3 I couldn’t draw into a 1 mana creature until my 4th turn. In top cut my closest match and probably toughest was against Zack Tufford in my top 8 match. I was the higher seed so I went first in game 1 and ended up losing to susanowo coming down on turn 2 after he called stones hif first 2 turns and discarded a Laevateinn to bring it down a turn early. Game 2 I went first and it was a more typical bahamut match where the bahamut going first was at a clear advantage for most of the game and I pulled into game 3. Game 3 I went 2nd and went back and forth for several turns. In the end after some very in depth turns from both of us Zack swung in having a susanowo and bahamut on board, but I had duel of truth to save myself from dying now at 400 life with a bahamut equipped with a bullet of envy and 2 regalia on board. The next turn I used the 1800 atk bahamut 2 regalia before untap and 3 after untap (total 1000 atk boost) an apostle of cain that gained swiftness and sacrificed it for cthugha to deal his exact 3800 life total to kill him and end the game. Beyond this point nothing very eventful happened in my games in top 8, but they were good games all the same.

Reflecting back on the event  – was their any choices that you thought you should’ve made but didn’t prior to entering the Houston WGP?

I would have played 4 duel of truth and less cthugha and lancelot in my main deck. I simply didn’t have a 4th duel on me at the beginning of the tournament

Do you have any comments you would like to add for our readers? Suggestions for players looking to play Force of Will on a more competative level?

Read your cards!!!!!!

“ Don’t get hit ”

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