2nd Place Winner Chicago – Sinjin Mullins

By: Chris “Chibi” Michaelis

What’s your name and how long have you been playing trading card games?

My name is Sinjin Mullins but I go by Taylor. I’ve been playing TCGs since 1999. I’ve played a lot of games such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. I have numorous top 8s in all the TCGs I have played although not at any major events other than Pokemon State Championships and Yu-Gi-Oh Regionals. I don’t really have a preferred style of decks to play I just play whatever I feel gives me the best chance to win, however force of will is bringing out the control player in me.

How long have you been playing Fow and what interested you about the game/what do you like about FOW particularly?

I started playing Fow around the time of the US release. I found out about the game while working at D20 Hobbies from people who had been talking about a “new game” but could never remember the name. I asked my buddy games if he knew about it and he told me the name was force of will. I did some research and immediately fell in love with the game and now here I am.

Prior to the event how did you prepare for it? What was your expectation of what types of decks you would face? What is your local scene like?

I prepared for the event by talking to Indonesian National Champion Ipank Aziz Riphat, and Vigen Aleksanyan about possibly playing some sort of Grimm varient that was equipped to beat the “Boogyman” of the format mat in Abdul. However once I saw the results of the California regionals I wasn’t so sure as I was starting to expect a lot of Grimm and Burn. Once I arrived in Chicago I tested the deck Ipank won his National Title with a few changes him and I had talked about, but could not beat the Oddgro deck, Thanks Jacob. With help from my friends Alex Hamilton and James Arnold we put together my Abdul main deck and played a few games and I was in love with the list. I built my sideboard before going to bed around 4:30am the morning of the event based on what I was expecting to see a lot of

What deck did you decide to enter with and why?

Main Deck:
3 Elvish Priest
3 Familiar of Holy Wind
4 Gretel
3 Fiethsing, the Magus of Holy Wind
4 Mephistapholes, the Abyssal Tyrant
1 Gardea, the Guardian Dragon of Heaven
2 Carmilla, Queen of Vampires
4 Flame of Outer World
4 Thunder
4 Xeex, the Ancient Magic
4 Absolute Cake Zone
2 Stoning To Death
1 Exceed, the Ancient Magic
1 Necronomicon

Magic Stone Deck:
4 Magic Stone of Black Silence
4 Magic Stone of Blasting Waves
1 Magic Stone of Wind
1 Grusbalesta, the Sealing Stone

1 Pandora of the Box//Dark
2 Magic Stone of Gusting Skies
3 Spiral of Despair
2 Blazer, Eater of Dimensions
1 Fiethsing, Magus of Holy Wind
2 Crime and Punishment
3 Exceed, the Ancient Magic
1 Gardea, the Guardian Dragon of Heaven

(I decided to play Abdul because it has amazing match ups across the board against basically everything, and sided into Pandora Dark for the mirror.)

What was your MVP card in your deck for Chicago?

Xeex for sure! The card is so versatile in every match up I will continue to play that card in every deck until they tell me I can’t anymore. I used all 4 modes and the ability to use the 4th one to shuffle the other three back in if needed is the best feeling ever!

Which card underperformed in your deck that you felt should not have?

By far Necronomicon, there weren’t m–any games I was glad to see it, even in the late game. Just felt like a wasted slot the entire time.

Did you have any unique tech added to your deck that enabled you to out perform other players who used the same deck?

I feel playing two Carmilla and four Mestoph gave me the edge in the mirror… had I played one. Having three more threats than them with two of them being a walking 800/800 stoning to death was phenomenal!

Do you have any particular strategies or combos you strive for?

Just to have Abdul and one Mephistopheles in play at the same time. Although I think that’s the only thing considered a combo in the deck unless you want to count the infinite cake zones and thunders if with Abdul and Necronomicon but that only happened once all day.

What would be considered an optimal hand for you post mulligan?

Elvish Priest, Gretel, Cake zone, Xeex, Mephistopheles.

Do you feel other players play this deck incorrectly?

In some ways yes, I don’t feel four Eevish priests are needed simply because of the main deck being 40 cards with the ability to see up to 10 cards before anyone even takes a turn. I also feel people should branch out to having more variety of threats in their deck rather than just three Mephistopheles and that’s it, a perfectly timed stories told in 1001 nights can just obliterate you if that is your strategy.

Any tips for other players on how to play the deck?

Patience, don’t take unnecessary risks. Think before you react.

Would you like to clarify on any particular card choices?

Only one. I was asked several times why I was playing Carmilla. Long story short she is an 800/800 Body that they have to deal with while it also takes out one of their threats such as Mephistopheles.

What was your match line up?

I don’t really remember much of these because just like my favorite team the New England Patriots after the game was over I just looked at what was ahead and kept my eyes on the prize. I do remember playing 4 burn decks, and that my only 2 losses were to Liberator of Wind and that the players who beat me were Brandon and Ken who were both 1st and 3rd respectively.

Reflecting back on the event – was their any choices that you thought you should’ve made but didn’t?

I would NOT played Necronomicon! It was sided out almost every game.

What do you expect or hope will happen in the future with FOW?

I expect the game to continue to grow and hopefully take over as the best selling game on the market.

Will you be attending any future events?


Do you have any comments you would like to add? Any tips for new Players?

I would just like to thank everyone that supported me and helped me prior to and during the event! Without you guys I wouldn’t be going to Japan in September. This was by one of the best moments of my life and I’m glad I got to spend it with Alex, Jacob, and James. The only way it could’ve been better is if my Girlfirend Morgan had been there to see it in person.

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