1st Place Winner Los Angeles Regionals – Vincent Paglia

By: Chris “Chibi” Michaelis
Before we start, I would just like the community to know that I have known Vincent Paglia probably since around 2004. I don’t know I’ve ever met a more humble and caring competitive player. Don’t get me wrong Vincent definitely is a player who comes to win and is relentless in mastering any TCG he is actively participating in

Chibi: Well I simply just cant ask you the same questions as I normally do with most players. ….(laughing) Ive known you for a several years now on a personal level.
Vincent: Ive been playing TCGs since I was around 12 years old what spiked my interest was that of many children a cartoon the yugioh cartoon show was so fun to watch i got caught instantly and wanted to play, I play as many TCGs that spike my interest including yugioh and hearthstone (if you include this as a online tcg) Magic The gathering, and Force of Will obviously, but i have tried many others like WOW tcg and cardfight vanguard and Pokemon, which I tried but either failed as a TCG or lost my interest. I am most proud of my accomplishments in YUGIOH the most which include many regional tops some wins, Topping Nationals 3rd Place, 2nd Place in Worlds, Top Nationals 3 other times Top 64 and Top 32 which always include thousands of players, And YCS which include Top 32s and Top 16s, While I haven’t played many events in magic I have topped 16 and 32 and a couple SCG events. More specific – 2nd yugioh worlds -3rd yugioh nationals -top 32 nationals twice – top 64 yugioh nationals- top 16 scg MTG- Top 32 scg- Top 32-16 YCS- Shonen JUMPS – lost track of how many regionals top 8s YUGIOH- each event usually has about 2000 people at the events.

Chibi: Do you have a preference of decks you prefer to compete with?

Vincent: While I may favor decks like tempo decks which forces my opponent to out play me or have the correct answers at the right moment to win I always just try and find the best deck in the format or best deck versus the format giving me the edge to win rather than just playing a deck that I like.

Chibi: So basically net-decking? I know this is a tough question to respond to. But I have seen a lot of player’s complain that FOW is narrow and very linear with just Abdul Grimm and Bahamut in most top positions in events. How do you feel about this?

Vince: I feel as though net decking is fine for building a basis for a deck and know its a proven deck to play if you don’t have time to play test yourself though may be looked down upon by some players sad faced if you cant beat the best deck or make a deck to beat it join it there are just so many cards in the game to play and there are advantages to not net decking and surprising the meta… but again how long can you lean on something like that vs consistency?

Chibi: Interesting. But I see your point…most original decks are only custom made for the event in which they were made for.

Chibi: How long have you been playing FOW? What interested you about the game or what do you like about FOW particularly that drew your attention?

Vincent: I haven’t played FOW very long, But what interest me about the game was that gave the particular game system MTG took place with the mana but not being able to get flooded or screwed out of mana beside the color which is more unlikely to happen in this game, I love the idea of rulers also as it put a special place in this game like EDH Magic format and WOW TCG also but giving a whole new way to play the game with each different ruler.

Chibi: My friend you just seem to have a natural talent when it comes to trading card games!

Chibi: Prior to the event how did you prepare for the event and what was your expectations on what you types of decks you were going to face? How is you meta compared to other areas.

Vincent: I tested a as much as I could despite small player base in my area, but I predicted many control decks and burn which I wanted to have a good match-up against as I have seen its about the same as the ARG tops i have looked at mostly control and some burn.

Chibi: What deck did you decide to enter with and why?

Vincent: I decided to enter with ODD GRIMM as it was put in place as one of the most consistent aggro decks playable right now as Grimm allows tutor for any fairy tale in the deck also the deck isn’t week to split heaven and earth which is another reason to play as it isn’t week to it and can play its own copies to fight the control matchups and outspend the burn decks. only flaw was felt was a hard Abdul matchup which had to be extra sided and main decked for as he is a very popular ruler.

Ruler: Grimm, the Fairy Tale Prince
Main Deck
4 Hunter in Black Forest
4 Thunder
2 Rapid Decay
1 Little Dread, the Fake Red Moon
4 Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant
4 March Hare
4 Tinker Bell, the Spirit
2 Etna, the Snow Queen
1 Kai, the Frozen Heart
2 Split Heaven and Earth
3 Blazer, the Eater of Dimensions
4 Oz, the Great Wizard
4 Dreams of Wonderland
1 Rapunzel, the Long-Haired Princess
Stone Deck
4 Magic Stone of Hearth’s Core
4 Magic Stone of Flame
2 Magic Stone of Water
Side Board
2 Kai, the Frozen Heart
2 Split Heaven and Earth
2 Crime and Punishment
3 Glinda, the Fairy
2 Rapid Decay
1 The Emperor with New Clothes
2 Gilles de Rais, the Golden Dragon
1 Little Dread, the Fake Red Moon

Chibi: Any tips for other players on how to play the deck?

Vincent: Tips to play ODD GRIMM I have to say is play to your outs and always try and keep tempo of the game with your creatures and keep the flow going sometimes you have to just cast creatures even though you cant get full value out of there effects which is fine a creature is a creature and is able to win the game just the same, Also as GRIMM you have access to all your fairytales and 1 mana spells through your fairytale creature oz which always have to kept in mind when deciding what to do next and if you don’t have much outs left just try and look for chesire cats to dig for your split and heaven and earths to finish the game if your falling behind from lack of drawing late game blazers versus the control matchups.

Chibi:Would you like to clarify on any particular card choices in the deck you chose?

Vincent: Most of the ODD Grimm deck is very basic set list as many one drop fairytales you can find to get ahead and win quickly but some cards are based on what you think will be there some techs i made were Kai which is very good vs Abdul which shuts down a lot of the effects of your creatures or even just kills them right out which Kai is a fairy tale so as a 1 of searchable when you need him in the matchup and not threaten your other matchup consistency, Also one other tech I made was 1 rapunzal which different but i wanted someway to threaten with a searchable flight which is huge in the format lacking a lot of them as there a lot of cheap creatures in the deck so you can just combo kill them rapunzal attacking multiple times in the hair if not killed instantly

Chibi: What was your match line up for the event(s) you can put in as much detail as you like. But pls give as a minimum the decks you faced at event(s)

Vincent: 2 Pandora/Abduel 4 Bahmut 1 Abdul 2 Grimm control 1 Grimm control side Abdul/ Scheherazade/Dracula

The toughest matchup was the 1 Abdul I played in which surprisingly mono black which made this control matchup hard as split heaven and earth didn’t touch it and a lot of early game control in gravity binding in the main as a 4 of and all the cards were easy to cast as I always hope control decks to stumble on a color to miss either a creature drop or removal spell and my top 8 matchup which was Pandora/Abdul had a lot of early game hate in cinderella and recycle it with 600/600 black white 3 drop which names escapes me which is also naturally good vs Grimm as they draw a card overtime I use Grimm search ability. The only non win I had was vs the Grimm control deck in that kept searching for cheshire cats in which stalled the game into time and multiple cake zones to stop my last points of burn at his 200 LP. I felt like the Pandora decks were easy since I drop my hand early so that was more focused vs the control mirror which I was happen about, which they were all similar base so nothing really special to expect.

Chibi: Reflecting back on the event(s) – was their any choices that you thought you should’ve made but didn’t?

Vincent: Since i went undefeated through the event can’t really say I would change anything only one might be would put the golden dragon in the main board over a blazer or 2 since it stole some games for me so much as blazer sometimes got blocked very easily.

Chibi: Do you foresee any changes in the format with the release of Millennia / Engage Knights later in July?

Vincent: I haven’t looked at many of the cards yet from the set but every set changes the game majorly doesn’t matter what TCG it may look minor at first but any card can surprise you , but from what I saw the six sage work really well off each other and changes the game state drastically and will have to change how decks are played, Also the elf archetype looks like a very fast deck since ramp is very good strategy in the control deck I’d like to see it evolve past just control.

Chibi: (laughing) you haven’t changed. I recall getting messages on cards on other trading card games on odd hours of the day. But it doesn’t matter…you always seem to be able to put things together and perform when the time counts.

Chibi: What do you expect or hope will happen in the future with FOW?

Vincent: I hope that FOW grows to become a competitive game which huge turn out like Yugioh and MTG which i love playing and increase in prize support also if its money more promos ( As I for one love “ blinging “ out my decks) and keep the events constant in a lot of areas and not favor countries or areas within the countries.

Chibi: Will you be attending any future event?

Vincent: As one of the finalist I will be attending the trip to Japan to Rep the US in the tourney and proud to be in I’d like to attend anymore tourneys as long as there part of the west cost areas as i still have a job and cant always jump on a plane just to play( though I wish I could) if its within driving distance id love to play any FOW events in my area.

Chibi: Is this your first time to japan? What do you intend to prep for the event? Since I’ll be there…think we will have time to hang out and see the town? Interested in trying puffer fish with me? Don’t forget we need to sign a waiver lol!

Vincent: Yes its my first time in Japan and very excited about it, to prep for the event I’m going look through all the cards and since its kind of a limited format either find synergy powerful enough to make decks around or try play self sufficient cards that can hold there own. Yea I really want to hand out and see parts of Japan, not sure about the puffer fish though don’t want to get sick especially since i have to sign a waiver a little scared of something like that haha !!!!!!!!

Chibi: Do you have any comments you would like to add? Any tips for new Players? How Would you compare this to the current popular trading card games?

Vincent: Like to say I love to be a part of the FOW trading card game and want to strive where other TCGs have failed and keep the events flowing and amazing art of the cards coming. Tips for new players look for the interactions between your cards and rulers as one of the most powerful things in this game and just keep playing and come to events to keep getting better ask opinions on decks and strategies. Id compare this mostly toward WOW TCG, MTG, and hearthstone. like WOW TCG and hearthstone you cant get mana screwed or flooded which is amazing always have a chance to play and also special abilities of the stones are really cool like resources in the WOW TCG and hero’s as such. which has more control though than hearthstone which is more random number generator which MTG is closest to the game mechanics of the game which is really nice and relatable to most playing and easy to catch on other than some little things which make FOW unique which I love about this game.

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