In regards to Providence Rhode Island Regionals
In light of the release dates for EK and A0 being pushed to the 30th:

After MUCH consideration and back/forth regarding the events that have transpired this morning, I feel it is in the game’s best interest to NOT allow ANY Engage Knights singles or the AO Starters at the Rhode Island WGP. This is my decision as TO and it is final.
Yes, feel free to hate me now.

I apologize for the whirlwind that was this morning but at the end of the day allowing a single retailer the advantage of selling before every other retailer is simply not good for the game overall. Therefore, ONLY G1-G4 will be allowed this Saturday at the event. Reprints from those sets will not be allowed if anyone breaks street date.

Thank you
Robert Herbert
US Team Lead
FoW Event Organizer

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